Funding Organizations

Every once in awhile, a homelessness activist will come to me and ask for funding to start an organization., in California, was one of those organizations. The .org itself was based on research I had done all over the country about different types of homelessness organizations. gives free art supplies and art studio time to homeless and disabled people in Barstow, California, and then provides an online platform for these artists to sell their creations.

I provided the funding for the non-profit filing and the initial art supplies to get the program started, for a total of $1000.

For people that have money, they should take note that for the same price as a hotel room in Vail, Colorado, they can provide the funding and foundation for an organization that can save people’s lives.

In the case of art supplies, I have been passing them out all over the country since I met a man in Los Angeles who had been given money for art supplies and ended up creating an enture career and life for himself, including finding a new home.

Sometimes even the smallest gifts can change a person’s entire life for the better.


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