Random Acts Of Pizza

One things I enjoy doing is showing up at homeless shelters and buy pizza for the whole group.  I’ve been committing random acts of pizza, for many years, something I started doing in Portland, Oregon, five years ago when I passed out ten large pizzas to the homeless people that were displaced due to a parade through downtown.

While doing this doesn’t exactly solve the glaring national problem of homelessness, it’s a kind gesture which is always greatly appreciated, not only by the residents, but by the shelters, because it helps reduce their monthly food costs.  I’ve found that roughly $100 in pizza will feed the average small town homeless shelter.

The person donating the pizza also gets to connect and talk with many of the residents, hear their stories, while sharing a meal, which is the best way to form a connection with another human being.  You might find someone in the shelter who is employed and only living there because they can’t afford a security deposit, an easy fix which doesn’t cost that much money.

Random acts of pizza is about simple human kindness and compassion shown towards a group of people that society has all but forgotten.

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