Request Your Own FBI File

1. Fill out and sign the Certificate of Identity form.
2. Type up an email asking for any and all records concerning you or your activities (example text below). You should also include any additional information that may help the FBI locate your records, such as information about any activities or incidents you’ve been involved in which may be included in your file.
3. State the maximum amount you are willing to pay. My suggestion would be $20. The first 100 pages are free, so in most cases it will not cost you anything.
4. Attach the signed certification of identity and send the email to (the contact email listed on the FBI page) with the subject line “Privacy Act Request”.

Example email text (for step 2). Just fill in the brackets with your own information.

Dear FOIPA Officer:

This is a request under the Privacy Act. I hereby request any and all records, documents, or communications prepared or maintained by the FBI pertaining to myself or my activities.


I am willing to pay up to [$20] for the processing of this request. Please inform me if the estimated fees will exceed this limit before processing my request.

I am seeking information for personal use and not for commercial use.

Please find attached a signed copy of Form DOJ-361 certifying my identity under penalty of perjury.

Thank you for your consideration,


Additional Resources:

Download Certificate of Identity:


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