Storage And Moving Trucks

I remember back in 2007, when I was dead broke, I lost my home. When I moved I was forced to leave everything behind, from my own baby photo albums, to awards I had received, my whole life was left behind, just because I didn’t have enough to money to buy a storage space and a moving van.  That loss was tragic, for me, as I lost a large part of my childhood belongings that I had saved throughout my life.

For homeless people, storage space for their stuff is always and issue with some cities even building special storage facilities in their downtown areas to help the homeless have a place to keep their belongings in the daytime.

As a result of my own experiences I have taken to helping people that are losing their homes pay for U-hauls and storage spaces.  You’d be shocked at the value that one can get out of $250 for the U-haul and months storage, especially helping kids store their clothes and toys.

Once the family can get back on their feet and get housed, if they have storage, they don’t have to buy all new stuff, saving them upwards of ten thousand dollars for all new stuff.

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