’s Superfund FOIA Project is an ongoing government records transparency project in which we are working to acquire the entire US EPA Superfund Record, encompassing 1,337 toxic waste sites in The US.

Previously, a small portion of these records were available on the US EPA website, but a recent redesign of their online system has seen the widespread removal of these documents, amounting to a massive reduction in transparency for the US EPA’s Superfund Project.

Our mission is to acquire all of the record, an estimated half a billion documents, and publicly release them for free.

On top of old fashioned pen to paper activism,, in cooperation with my software development company Major Malfunctionsoft, also works to build data mining tools which allow activists to use Python based web scrapers to quickly acquire all currently publicly available PDF files containing Superfund documents, like our Region 9 data scraper.

When completed, the FOIA project will be the largest release of US EPA records in US history.

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