– Diane Dimond

If you’ve never heard the name Diane Dimond, I wouldn’t be surprised, because while at one time she was a TV reporter for Inside Edition, one of the most disreputable media outlets to ever exist, today she lives in utter obscurity. Most notably, she is known as the TV journalist for who broke the molestation allegations about Michael Jackson, parlayed it into a career at Court TV, and then fell flat on her face when Jackson was later acquitted. It’s believed she landed in a liquor bottle and has been there ever since.

She is a known liar and has been proven as such, repeatedly, from making false allegations about everyone from Macauley Culkin to Jermaine Jackson’s children. No victim was spared in Diane’s attempt to spin the Jackson affair into a career as the next Diane Sawyer. Most famously, she is also known as the journalist who formed a plot with Jackson prosecutor Tom Sneddon, in order to taint the jury in the Jackson case, as hundreds of online sources indicate.

Diane is alleged to have made a deal with Sneddon that she would use her access to media to corrupt the Jackson trial. As a reward for her loyalty in framing an innocent man, she was to receive exclusive rights to Jackson’s first interview from prison. But, she failed. Today, in spite of a very prolific career she can be found to have just over a thousand fans on Facebook.  You can purchase one of her poorly written books on for a whopping one penny, meaning that she would have to sell at least one-hundrd and ten books to buy five packs of ramen noodles.

For the last several years, Diane has been sending e-mails to media outlets and police where I am fighting battles to help people, with a link to a false news article she created that she uses to – surprise – taint people’s opinion of me. Sources close to her say she is a raging alcoholic who can’t get out of bed without a martini that often starts drinking as early as eight o clock in the morning.

Several years ago, a filmmaker in Columbus, named Peter John Ross, took Diane’s bogus article into a court room and attempted to file a restraining order against me, which was later dismissed when I ran a petition exposing what they had done. Much like in the Jackson case, Diane was used to manipulate the proceedings. What she did to me is exactly what she was alleged to have done to Michael Jackson and her actions in my case all but prove that she is exactly what everyone alleges she is, a shill for corrupt public officials.

An investigation my organization conducted confirmed that Diane is directly connected to Royal Examiner. There are e-mails publicly published that show that Diane, Roger, Peter, and a few others also recently participated in submitting false information to the US EPA Office of Investigations, in an attempt to obstruct justice in an investigation into the corrupt Region 5 EPA office that oversaw Flint. Much like Bianchini, Diane has no college degree in journalism, and that she’s appears to be once again attacking an innocent man to make her worthless name.

Repeated inquires to about her false news article, in which I provided direct evidence that she fabricated her story, have received no response.

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