Help Carly Hammond Hold Flint Michigan Officials Accountable

Carly Hammond is an independent journalist in Michigan who is doing great work to hold Michigan and Flint officials accountable for the Flint Water Crisis.  She’s created a great project to use the Michigan Freedom of Information Act to obtain previously unreleased documents regarding the conduct of the elected and government officials during the Flint Water Crisis.

Sadly, the costs of this project – $1,500 –  far exceeds Carly’s income, and most of the citizens of Flint’s income as well, creating a situation where socioeconomics is preventing the people from gathering the information they need in order to uncover the truth and fight.

However, this is a great project and even the smallest donation can help contribute to publicly releasing a large set of previously unreleased documents. Carly plans to set up a website and post the documents publicly, free for all to use.  She is a brave woman who is dedicated to standing up to and speaking truth to power and she should be commended for her efforts.

With your donation, you can help empower Carly, along with the citizens of Flint, to get to the bottom of what is really going on behind closed doors in Michigan.  Together, we can all work to make sure these officials continue to be held accountable!

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