I Am Orchestrating The Largest Public Release Of US EPA Records In US History

After watching the EPA stonewall activists who were trying to obtain records for Superfund sites, I decided to end their transparency abuse by orchestrating the largest Freedom of Information Act release of US EPA Superfund records in US history, and then publicly releasing them for free.

In order to take this project on, I moved to Linden, Virginia, outside of Washington DC, to study with the top FOIA experts in the country, including a former FOIA director for the Federal Bureau of Investigations. I met with experts, learned from them, and perfected my craft. Today, we are in the very beginnings of the project, via my organization SuperfundResearch.org, an effort which will eventually encompass over a half a billion US EPA records, covering all 1,300+ Superfund toxic waste sites, which has led to people dubbing SuperfundResearch.org as “The WikiLeaks of Toxic Waste.”

From spending time with these records, I have learned that each document cache is a tome of corruption, mismanagement, media misreporting, and EPA contractor greed. These records, when released, with be the first time that 90% of them have ever seen the light of day. In order to obtain the records, I am building ten teams, one for each regional EPA office, which will be responsible for 100-150 Superfund sites per team.

This, of everything I do, is the single most controversial and least talked about, because it’s a massive, daunting task, that seeks to stop EPA corruption dead in its tracks. Many people out there, from the US EPA to its contractors, do not want me to conduct this project, as the US EPA is in the midst of removing the remaining ten percent of records that are currently publicly available.

You might ask what is the Superfund project? It’s the US EPA program to clean up the worst of the worst toxic waste sites in The US, 150+ of which are US military bases, that has been going on for over thirty-five years, encompassing thousands of massive toxic waste dumps that the mainstream media has barely written about. The Superfund is a multi-hundred billion dollar industry that has resulted in only around two-hundred and fifty of them being cleaned up, at a cost of four times our yearly welfare budgets.

Liberals often says that the US EPA is going to be shut down, but just the Superfund, alone, is hunderds of billions of dollars in contracts, it’s one of the reasons that no one can shut down the US EPA, and as a liberal, much like fighting corrupt police, when one fights the EPA they are working to improve it, not tear it down.

Once these records are released, US citizens, media, and oversight agencies will be able to peel back the layers of bureaucracy, exposing the real unfortunate truth in The US environmental debate, that even if we did manage to find a solution to climate change, the US EPA is so bloated, corrupt, and malfunctioning that no one would be able to implement it.

The Superfund project is a glaring, glowing, festering example of that concept.

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