Royal Examiner

Royal Examiner is an online blog posing as an online newspaper.  The owner of Royal Examiner, Mike McCool, is a political figure in Front Royal, Virginia who uses his blog to smear the name of anyone who opposes the will of local elected officials.

The editor of Royal Examiner, Norma Jean Shaw, has no degree in journalism.  She is a woman who took an interest in local news events, wrote her own stories, and then won a local award for her coverage.  After this, she suddenly proclaimed herself an “award winning journalist.”

Roger Bianchini, the author of the attack articles, also has no formal training in journalism, and is nothing more than a paid shill for local elected officials, who has demonstrated that not only is he willing to lie for upwards of $8.00 an hour, but that he is dead set on destroying environmental causes all over the country, in the name of protecting the political agenda of Front Royal officials.

The political attack articles were published after I exposed a corrupt economic deal in Front Royal, where the local officials fabricated the existence of a $40 million dollar contract, used it to spur economic development, and to acquire a grant to widen the streets.  After I unequivocally proved that the deal did not exist, Roger interrupted his oatmeal time and began writing attack articles, which literally address none of the claims I made, but lob personal attacks.

As we all know, the first thing a moron will do when they are proven wrong will be to start screaming, “You did this and you did that,” even though anyone with a brain knows that line of logic is just as poorly formed as Bianchini’s narratives.

The bottom line is that when I walk into a town to start helping people, they often look me up, and what do they find?  Roger’s lies.  So if there is toxic waste in the ground water, or poisoned tap water, Roger Bianchini is determined to make sure those people suffer.  He has been found to be directly associated with the other journalists and idiots publishing things about me.  At no time during the publication of his articles did he contact me for comment, which is what a real journalist would do.

To add to his madness, he refuses to allow comments on his articles which defend me and set the story straight, so he’s entirely manipulating the readers.

Royal Eaminer is an archetype of what is wrong with today’s media.  Roger Bianchini, himself, is a living example of the dangers of unchecked, politically slanted, bought and paid for media. Because he is a low life in some small town hand stroking local officials for bread crumbs, he’s got nothing to lose, but everything to gain by attacking me.  From my perspective, everyone associated with Royal Examiner are murderers for trying to disrupt toxic waste causes, but to highlight his hypocrisy, Roger has hurled baseless accusations at me but the moment I responded, he actually claims, in his own words, that he called the police on me for writing something bad about him.


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