Voting Day: Vote YES On The Flint City Charter!

Today is voting day in Flint.  On the ballet is an important city charter that will restore power to the citizens, create accountability for elected officials, and seeks to bring back balance to the City of Flint. 

There are 96,000+ people living. In the last election only around 12,000 people voted.  After meeting with, and speaking to many residents, trying to understand the reasons for such a low voter turn out, people say they feel beaten, broken, and tired, from all the corruption and greed.  They feel as if their voice doesn’t matter, or that they are powerless to change things, or if they do become active that nothing with change. This is not true!

In a city like Flint, which is a lot like other struggling cities in The US, people often struggle to pay their bills, fight to find a job, battle to just to stay afloat, so when it comes time to fight, they feel powerless, even out of control the circumstances in their own lives, resulting in a, “What do you want me to do about it?” attitude.

However, look at the last Presidential election.  Trump managed to win because he motivated his base to get out and vote.  In Flint the situation is no different, because the reality is that once people are beaten down, they forget how much power they really have to change things.  Getting involved in local elections, and local politics, empowers a down trodden people to take back their city, and cause real world change that benefits everyone in the community.

You are not weak.  You are not powerless.  You are the only real power that the ruling class fears, because once the people become aware, once they become educated, they become strong, they become a force to be reckoned with, and suddenly the local officials are forced to consider the will of the citizens over their own special interests, because these leaders know that if they don’t serve the broken backs they’ve propped themselves up on that they can be thrown out of office and lose their power.

Voting YES on the new Flint City Charter will install accountability, via stronger ethics rules, and it will ensure that, finally, the battle worn constituents of Flint can reign in the out of control local government and force them to do the jobs they were elected to do, rather than doing what they’ve been doing, which seems to be only serving themselves.


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