Filmmaker Flying Drones Over Columbus Parks Has Obsession With Pedophilia

Peter John Ross is a filmmaker in Columbus, Ohio who is illegally flying drones over city parks, and has been for the last several years.

As an example, one of his photos from his fan page features a children’s playground.  The page itself has other posts up showing his repeated violations of the laws, and rules of simple common decency, regarding drones.

That might not be so much of a big deal if it were not for all the other absurd allegations being made about this man, by entertainment industry professionals all over Ohio and the rest of the country.

Ross, who is a multi-award winning, four time local emmy nominated filmmaker, also appears to have a strange obsession with pedophilia, along with a string of independent filmmakers making the same set of allegations going back a decade and a half.

Ross is targeting innocent victims, publicly harassing them using a web of fake social media accounts and email accounts, anonymously stalking his prey, while claiming to everyone around him that he has a stalker, and then using his connections with the police, prosecutors office, and courts to frame these targeted filmmakers for crimes.

After conducting a five year investigation into Ross, I’ve uncovered that Ross has at least ten to twenty fake Facebook accounts, many of which I have managed to get deleted, with help from my business partner at Facebook, a web of Twitter accounts, dozens of user accounts on almost every forum on the planet, countless Reddit accounts, to the point that the man easily has to have well over one-hundred to two-hundred social media accounts, and thirty to forty blogs and blogger ID’s that he uses to wage cyber warfare on his victims, with the help of VFX artist Shane Howard, Peter’s long time accomplice in all of this.

I’m Not The First And I Won’t Be The Last

In 2010, two years before I came along, another filmmaker – one who was also a pedophile hunter –  investigated Ross saw the same thing I did, a sociopath, and set out to put Peter on film, in order to catch a child predator, according to Peter’s own statement on his blog, entitled, Sonnyboo’s got a secret indeed.

Ross claims that Columbus Police detectives illegally released private health information to him, as Peter mocks and taunts his victim with the title of the blog, reminding his accuser that the allegations are true, publicly harassing his target using troll storms, trying to incite further harassment against himself, in order to gather enough evidence to frame his victim for a crime.

For the police officers involved with Ross, Peter is publishing that they’ve helped him violate patient privacy laws, and laws governing the use of the police database.  Peter is essentially either telling the truth, or he’s smearing the names and reputations of these officers, accusing them of being corrupt, while then using their names to exact revenge on his targets.

According to Ross, he then claims to have used his connections with those very officers he’s defaming and publicly embarrassing, along with the courts and prosecutor’s office, to have a CSPO filed against the child molester hunter, for showing up at his house and putting him on camera, even though it’s completely legal to capture an interview with a public figure, as Ross hosts a cable access television show in Ohio, and has dozens and dozens of articles written about him, which is the literal litmus test for being considered a public figure.

All the while, Peter and “his friends” were waging a public defamation campaign against the man Peter was accusing of stalking him  That’s what Peter does, he stalks people, bates them, and then claims he’s the victim when he gets a response, better known as a troll, or a workplace bully.

According to Peter, his “friends” will then destroy your life, as he proclaims, “I’ve broken no laws,” when he really has, specifically forming vast plots to defraud the police and Franklin County Courts using knowingly false and often forged or fake evidence, even getting journalists he knows to publish entirely fake news articles which are used as evidence to acquire Civil Stalking Protection Orders.  With all the crime in Columbus, Peter’s repeated wastes of police and court resources is nothing more than anarchistic in nature.

The filmmaker’s investigation resulted in revealing, among other things, that Ross’ logo for his production company appears to be pedophile code for man who likes to film other men having sex with young boys; two triangles, one set inside the other, a well known broadcast to pedophiles that he’s open for business and potentially engaged in the act of making child pornography.

Ross is aware of this since he’s been enduring the same allegations for over fifteen years, yet he continues to represent himself in this way, in order to bate more people into becoming his next victim, while accusing them of being schizophrenic and acting like he’s shocked to be accused of something he’s aware he’s broadcasting himself as.

The terms gaslighting and psychological warfare come to mind, but I’ll leave those determinations up to the experts, who might suggest he’s formed a gang of stalkers, or so to speak.

Looking into Peter John Ross and his “film career” we find a YouTube series he produces called Uncle Pete’s Playtime, which features a child molesting uncle, named Pete, no less, as the main character, and a type of “humor” that reveals the sickeningly warped way with which Peter’s mind works, in that things he finds funny cause a shiver to run down the spines of most ordinary people. He’s projecting his own actions onto his story telling and characters, much like Louis CK did, begging to be caught.

Editor’s note: When he learned of this article, a few weeks ago, he re-booted the series, which had been on hiatus for several years, just to taunt me, in yet another example of Peter bating his victims, trying to incite a response so he can victimize himself.  


Behind the scenes, Ross tells people he’s a pedophile hunter, that he’s trying to lure in child molesters so he can catch them, but all of his victims over the years, including myself, none of us are child molesters.  Ross is the only one who has endured those consistent and persistent allegations that were being made a decade before I even became a filmmaker.

I’m one of his victims, as well.  The common thread is that we’re all reputable filmmakers who tried to tell the world what we’ve learned about this aggressive cyber predator and the exceedingly psychotic internet shaming campaigns he’s running.  In fact, in spite of his claims, he can’t show one example of a pedophile he’s ever exposed, but I can show you pedophile hunters and other filmmakers he’s tried to have thrown in jail, and one that he has a current CSPO against, and so can the City Prosecutor’s Office.

It’s pretty clear that Peter is luring these people into his life and pulling a con job on everyone around him.  There is so much evidence it’s undeniable.

Modus Operandi Of A Cyber Predator

The allegations are the same, over and over again, a filmmaker calls Peter out on him either writing about child molestation, for his well known and voracious cyber bullying habit, or just something as simple as pointing out his films suck.  Peter responds by creating a web of anonymous lies and public harassment about his victim, and begins harassing their friends, families, and business associates using anonymous accounts, hoping he can get a response he can use to accuse his victim of a crime, but also working to methodically destroy his targets lives, at the same time.

His cyber terror campaigns are the purest form of workplace bullying there is, as Ross claims it’s his own friends that are responsible for the harassment, saying “I can’t be held responsible for what my friends do.”  

Ross uses his connections with the police, courts, prosecutors, and media, to either file a civil stalking protection order, or outright frame the person investigating him, as Columbus cyber crime investigator David Fox more than well knows about Ross, yet refuses to act.

When Ross is caught he tells people to Google his target for proof that his victim is a bad person, but he doesn’t tell people he’s the one who built the web of lies embedded in his victims Google results to begin with, using search engine optimization campaigns; it’s a massive technologically advanced scam, and why no one can see it is beyond me, but as we learned from the recent election, there are people out there, useful idiots, who will literally believe anything they read on the internet and Ross is their king.

Another Victim Comes Forward And Peter Buries Him

Here Ross attacks a staffer of a political campaign and member of the film industry in Ohio who discovered Peter’s secret.  Again, the title of his article, Sonnyboo confessional, is an effort at publicly mocking his victim who, like many others, picked up on Peter’s obsession with pedophilia and called him out on it on a blog which Peter used false DMCA claims to get it removed from WordPress.

While Ross has no problem posting hundreds to thousands of harassing blogs about his victims, if you do the same to him, he’ll silence you, whether his tactics are lawful or not, using illegal filings with the police and courts.

Editor’s note: Shortly after I published this article Ross deleted the following page from his website, but it’s still available on Google cache.  

Ross Is Really a Big Fat Local Big Shot Nobody But…

And just like in the Weinstein case, people in the local industry are afraid to come forward, because they know that Peter will destroy their lives and careers as the court and police in Franklin County appear to be helping him.

Peter tells the courts that as the result of his successful film career that he gets stalkers, as he has only 400 fans on Facebook.  On his website, he then claims he’s “unfamous,” even writing about his cyber bullying addiction and how he allows himself one “relapse” a year, like a dry drunk, further exposing a man who I could only say is demonstrating some pretty clear examples of predatory behavior.

In the following post Ross talks about how all the people he bullies are people he feels are developmentally disabled, or using the word Ross is so fond of, “retards.”  Peter is the kind of man who would bully a guy in a wheelchair, for “the excitement of having stories to tell,” and then act like a perfect little angel when he’s not alone with his victim.

If you talk to people around him, they’ll say, “Peter is such a nice guy,” as is often said about serial killers after they have been caught.

We Must Build A Wall!

While he was in the employ at Groove University, a film school in Columbus, there was concern over Peter John Ross, that he might have other victims in the industry or at the school, but reporting that behavior to director Dwight Heckleman and asking his school to conduct an investigation will only get you a legal threat from Columbus attorney Dustin Torres.

Heckleman’s behavior demonstrates a perfect example why it’s been so hard for victims in the industry to come forward.

When I first reported Peter John Ross to Dwight, his response was to falsely accuse me of numerous crimes, and call me a liar in public, claiming he’d conducted an investigation when he’d never contacted me, nor did Heckleman even ask for a lick of evidence, and then he even encouraged people to Google the web of lies that Peter has created to destroy my career, helping Peter with his voracious online stalking habits, knowing damn well what he was doing.

Editor’s Note: I’ve been told very clearly, by Heckleman that if I published the preceding paragraphs that I’d be sued.  Fuck you Dwight and Dustin, sue me and show the world who you really are.

Yet, Groove University has the responsibility to protect its students, and allow them a safe learning environment, but Heckleman’s actions demonstrate that if there is an incident on of their campus, like a rape committed by a professor, that their response will not be to try to help the victim, but it will be a threat of litigation and the further destruction of the victim’s film career.

Peter’s alleged boss, as Ross has referred to Scott Spears, a screenwriting instructor at Ohio State, for years has helped Peter cover up his long, sordid trail of abuse.  When I attempted to put up a post talking about Peter, in Scott’s previously mentioned Mid-Ohio Filmmaker’s Association (MOFA) Facebook group , I was immediately bullied out of the group and banned, continuing the filmmaker’s code of silence, the one that men and women have been living with since the dawn of the movie industry.

And this is how Ross has got away with being who he is and doing what he does, for so long, because the people around Ross, from Spears, to the director of the Ohio Channel, to Heckleman are just slimy people, a stellar example of the type of low life scum bags that the film industry attracts.

Ross Shoots.  He Misses.  

Three years after Ross started publicly harassing me, and privately harassing everyone around me, even though I have never met Ross in my life, he walked into a courtroom in Franklin County and attempted to file a Civil Stalking Protection Order against me, as he’d done to his victims before me.

Ross knew I was living in Oregon, at the time, but he told the courts he didn’t know where I was.  According to Magistrate Pamela Erdy’s secretary, the police were sent, repeatedly, to a house in Akron, Ohio, where I had not lived in over twenty years, harassing an innocent family, all so Ross could enact his continued scams on the Franklin County courts.

Unlike Peter’s other victims, I have money, and actual success in the film industry, so it wasn’t going to be that easy for him to take me out, like he’d done to his previous targets, but that’s why he chose me, because I’m the most thrilling target for him, the opponent who can get his blood pumping at the prospect of almost being caught.

Peter even violated his own CSPO, right in front of Columbus cyber crime investigator David Fox, “a serious offense,” as the prosecutor’s office and courts looked the other way.

At one point I sent a message to David Fox requesting that he refer me to the internal affairs officer for the Franklin County Prosecutor’s office but he did not respond, in yet another example of why it’s so hard for victims to come forward.

After the courts dragged the case out for over five months, repeatedly holding hearings without even notifying me any of this was happening, and for another three months after that, when I got sick of the bullshit in Columbus, I ran a petition and the judge forced Ross to dismiss the case – Magistrate Erdy detected and coddled Peter’s very fragile ego and let him think it was his decision, as my attorney later explained to me – but Peter turned around a filed a second one, only to then violate his own order by having one of his “friends” threaten my mother.

After one of Peter’s anonymous e-mail accounts he uses to harass his victims was hacked – giggles – e-mails of Peter admitting he violated the order, directly from his inbox, we’re sent to David Fox, while the case was still running.  When Peter realized he was caught, he didn’t appear at the next hearing and his CSPO was permanently dismissed.   Even though Fox has this evidence in is inbox, Ross is allowed to break any law he wants, apparently.

I’d gladly share the petition with you but Ross used a fraudulent DMCA copyright complaint to get the petition removed.  After the case was dismissed, I ran another petition asking that Ross be charged with perjury, willfully committing fraud upon the courts, and filing false police reports, but Ross wrote to claiming he was “not a public figure” and that I was “bullying him,” and deleted it.

When I attempted to provide court records to to prove I was talking about an existing court case, and that Ross is a public figure, they did not respond.

I wrote to the Columbus Dispatch and other media outlets to cover the story and the subsequent dismissal, but they refused, and even though I am a person that’s had over six million readers in the last several years, as Peter’s actions were designed to create a web of court records about me, which he could use to further smear my name and destroy my environmental causes, they refused to publish an article about it.

Peter Victimizes Flint, Michigan “For Excitement.”

Two years later, as I fought for the city of Flint, Michigan, working to pass a new city charter and laws to protect the citizens, a battle which I won, Ross took copies of the dismissed court records, forwarded them around Flint and told people that they needed to find me so I could be served, causing many local citizens to start attacking me.

The latest victims of Peter’s scams started posting images of Peter’s dismissed order all over my pages, even though I’m a man who just helped pass an entire new set of laws in Flint, and is working on an investigation into the plume of Trichloroethelyne in the ground water in the downtown area.

In doing all of this Peter is demonstrating that the sanctity of human life does not matter to him.  Only causing harm to innocent people gets his little dinky straightened, if you know what I mean.

No victim is spared when Ross picks a new target, because for Ross it’s about hurting as many people as humanly possible while portraying himself as a hero, an aspect of serial killer psychology, musing to himself how he’s been able to fool everyone around him, for almost two decades.

Lee Harvey Rosswald?

He even uses three names, trying to represent himself as an assassin, another revelation that other filmmakers have pointed out, as well.  He jokes on that he’s the Emperor from Star Wars, in the midst of some grand evil plot of manipulation, to the point that cyber bullying expert Jayne Hitchcock – who I can tell you, from experience, is an utterly brainless human being who has continually enabled Ross and his addiction –  has heard all these allegations, refused to listen, exclaiming, “That’s my friend!”   

Where have we hard that statement before, but from every sexual predator defender in Hollywood?

How Many Innocent Communities Have Been Victimized By Peter?

In Peter’s efforts to crush me, and hide his guilt, he’s exploited and manipulated millions of people, all drawn directly out of my own audience.

All over the US, in the communities where I am fighting to expose cancer clusters or toxic waste, he spreading false rumors, causing massing cyber mobbing incidents against my hacktivism campaigns, even forwarding the following e-mail to police stations all over the country, encouraging them to arrest me for being an activist, even if I am running campaigns exposing a federally confirmed cancer cluster, claiming I have not worked with scientists, when I have, that there is no academic sourcing, when there is, and that the source of my money is suspicious because I “collect SSI,” when I do not.

The entire following e-mail is an exercise in disinformation, and I’ll be glad to share the dozens and dozens of e-mails my mother has received from Ross, indirectly, over the years, trying to get her to put me in a “mental institution.”

He starts his report to the police in a town 800 miles away in Virginia, where I lived at the time, “I’m not a public figure…”  He continually says this because his status as a public figure changes the laws that govern what constitutes harassment, so even though I am more than well within my rights to write about this man, he’s claiming my actions are a crime.

In a rare departure from the work I normally do, the cause in Front Royal was not about environmental issues, as Peter’s trolling stated, but it was about a corrupt economic re-development of the Avtex Superfund site.

To be clear, however, The US EPA has determined that there is a significant risk of vapor intrusion at the Avtex site, in Front Royal, and an assessment is scheduled for the next five year review conducted by Superfund officials, in 2018.  What Peter said in the above e-mail, which had a half a dozen police agencies, and The Columbus Dispatch editor pasted in, was completely false, as the following EPA document confirms.

The document also provides the scientific sourcing Ross says doesn’t exist, revealing that he is – very clearly – trying to facilitate framing me for a crime if I dare speak about a federally confirmed risk of subsurface vapor intrusion, in Front Royal, Virginia, since structures have been built since the following report was issued.

Much like Ross is defrauding community leaders all over the country regarding my work, and risking innocent lives in the process, it’s pretty evident that Peter and his friends have spent the last fifteen years conspiring to commit fraud upon the Franklin County courts, and Columbus Police Department.  His case against me, the violations of the CSPO, the false police reports, years of child molester allegations against him, and the drone flights, provides them with the evidence to capture him, take his computers, and investigate the contents, and stop him dead in his tracks, but the courts, police, and prosecutor’s office refuse to investigate him.

Why Me?

For Peter, I am the ultimate target, because if he can hurt me, he can also hurt the millions of people I am fighting for all over the country, revealing Ross for what he is, a vicious, sociopathic, aggressive, exploitative, troll.  

Yet, I only stepped into this five years ago, ten years after the allegations about Peter started, so how that does that explain the similar stories of the people that came before me?

My story is no different than the scores of other victim’s stories, as this alleged pedophile hunter has had no problem taking photos of my niece, photoshopping them, and sharing them all over the internet, abusing her, while all these pedophile allegations swarm around him.

I’d find the guy and beat his face in myself for bullying my sister’s child, but unlike Peter, I actually have something to lose, and I don’t use guns or my fists, I use the power of my words and camera, the ultimate weapons.

A Freddy Krueger Ending?

With all of the things happening around Peter, the insane internet history of abuse, pedophile allegations, and very clearly psychologically disturbed behavior, I’ll go back to my original point, this man, who numerous people have tried to expose as a child molester, who has framed numerous people for crimes, is illegally flying drones over city parks in Columbus, Ohio.



Peter John Ross responded to this article by filing frivolous DMCA takedown notices with my host, trying to get my website taken down for terms of use violations, desperately trying to hide his guilt.

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