That Time Peter John Ross And Friends Caused A Hate Crime At A Former CIA Employee’s House

Ross has repeatedly admitted that it’s his “friends” that are harassing and stalking me.  I’m not referring to blogs being posted on the internet, but private Facebook profiles being used to contact everyone in my life and to spread disinformation in communities where I am fighting battles.

Like the predator he is, he contacts people, with fake Facebook profiles, and he grooms them, or prepares his innocent victim to begin publicly harassing me.  The result is a post he can use to post in my Google results to further smear my name.

Hidden Menace

An example would be the following post, which was put up 12/2/2017, as Peter is publicly revealing, using anonymous blogs, that the allegations I’ve made against him are true, mocking me, admitting it’s him, and exactly what he’s doing, but burying his admission in a sea of other harassing blog posts.

The truth is, I travel 100% of the time, I’m out on the road making films and fighting environmental battles, and as far as the money, is it only irony that I was eating a $72 charcuterie and shaved lamb meal, after traveling to Los Angeles, as I was reading the lies that Ross tells people to get them to harass me?

I Miss My Friends And Life In Virginia

Last year, I was living in the house of a former CIA employee, in Linden, Virginia.  “Ross and friends,” to use his own words in quotes, used fake Facebook profiles to contact members of the community and spread lies, encouraging them to seek out my home, much like the grooming e-mail sent above.

I had done everything I could to not reveal that I was renting a cabin from a former member of US intelligence community, because it didn’t matter, but I had discussed the matter in private messages on Facebook.  After my account was hacked, this fact was leaked out into public.

Ross and friends encouraged the useful idiots they had found to publish my address< VIN numbers for my car, and the information about the CIA.  Of course, living right next to me was a three star general, Norman Smith, so harassment ended up being drawn towards my neighborhood filled with multiple war heroes, and they even took a photo of part of The General’s property, while making threats to break into the home and rob it.

Photos were taken of my home, they trespassed on my property, threw trash all over my yard, stole my car and drove it.  Then they posted evidence of their crimes, on their blogs. I received numerous threats of violence, to the point that after I moved, one of my neighbors up and sold his house, to get away from the drama that was happening on the mountain.

I was literally violently threatened out of this home, as I am a disabled person, and there are laws that make it a hate crime to do this to me, not to mention how fucked up it is that Ross helped dox the address of a former CIA employee, a woman who traveled the world helping keep this country safe from terrorism, a really nice woman, I might add, who didn’t deserve that.

Then, if I talk about the actual series of events in my life, all of the above, I’m branded as some kind of troll, because for some reason, people can’t seem to understand that CIA employees and generals have homes, too, and live in neighborhoods, one of which was where I happened to live.

For US intelligence officials that have commented to me that they read my blogs, Ross is a lawless predator, an anarchist, and he’s wreaking havoc and victimizing everyone who enters my life,to give himself some kind of sick pleasure.  Attacking an elderly woman who used to work for the CIA, just because she was my landlord, was completely uncalled for, and as a result of everything that happened, the house is still empty to this day and this elderly  former CIA employee has lost $10,000 in rental income.

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  1. I am also a VICTIM. That guy is a SOCIOPATH and a NARCISSIST. He stole photos of my nephew and wrote perverted comments all over it like the PEDOPHILE he is.

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