The Next Six Months Of My Life Will Be Spent On Something Else Other Than Activism

I guess now would be as good of a time as any to reveal that I’m taking a six month sabbatical from the internet, from activism, from exposing corruption, from traveling, from everything, to begin working on a dramatic film project, an actual fiction movie, in which I came up with the idea for the film over eight years ago, while standing in a Walmart in Las Vegas with my ex.

We were looking at the missing and exploited children wall, when she pointed out a photo that had been age progressed forty years, and jokingly said, “You’d think he would have called home by now.”

I responded, “You’re fucked in the head, but wouldn’t it be creepy if you looked up on the wall and saw an age progressed version of yourself?”

I didn’t actually become a filmmaker for another year, but I never forgot that conversation.  Eventually, I started hashing out an idea for why you’d find yourself on a wall like that, but over the years, as I have repeatedly written out treatments, I was never able to come up with the end of the film, a twist, something to bring it all together but tear the watcher apart.

Then, eight months ago, I came up with the idea, the perfect ending, something that will completely mind fuck audiences, and I finally banged out a short story which details the plot of the film.

About two months later, as I was working on the story, my hard drive crashed on my laptop, causing me to lose the film.  At that point, I was also in the middle of moving to Los Angeles, so I stashed my laptop and waited until I had time to work on it.

The other night, I got into the DOS shell on the laptop and somehow managed to remember all the commands.  I was able to basically hack into the dead hard drive, retrieve the short story, pull it off the old drive and transfer it to an SD card, and now I can finally get back to work.

Just now, I sat down and read it again for the first time, and this is a really great idea, the best idea I have ever had, and one that I spent over seven years hashing out before I committed to an ending.  So, for those of you who can’t resist reading this blog every day, see you in six months!


P.S. Any resemblance between people and events in real life and characters and situations in this film are purely coincidence, especially the Bernie Falcon character.  He can’t be real, because how could he be real?

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