TIL Learned That GoDaddy Is Located On Top Of The Moffet Field Superfund Site

This morning I woke up to a clearly frivolous DMCA complaint, from the filmmaker in Columbus, Ohio, trying to take down my website.  It was about 9am when I got the message.  Right now, I am about six hours away from home, in LA, and this is a legal matter.  I immediately removed the site from their host to another host.  They told me they deleted my hosting account for repeated violations of the terms of use in relation to the article I posted, but when they told me this it had only been about six hours since I received one, single DMCA complaint.

For the past two months I have been having an excessive amount of problems with their service.  If one check out my websites, they’ll note that many of them are down.  This is because GoDaddy deleted them, along with the backups, about six weeks ago, with no warning whatsoever, claiming there was a “billing error.”

Today, after I was only given six hours to drive six hours and meet with an attorney, when they caved to Ross right away, I wanted to know where it was I have to go to locate a member of upper management.  When I entered GoDaddy into Google Maps, I realized that GoDaddy is literally sitting right on top if the Moffet Field Superfund toxic waste site, which is a massive plume of Trichloroethelyne in the ground water.

The very same plume is also a part of the MEW Study Area, a spot where three different Superfund sites meet up, at Middlefield, Ellis, and Whisman roads.  This study area and this plume under GoDaddy has been the subject of my work for many years, because this very same plume is located underneath Google’s Quad, and it’s also been a source of great controversy, as well.

The plume was first exposed by NBC Bay Area, and then reported on by the Mountain View Voice.  But the subject of Google employees being exposed to TCE has never made national news.  That is what I am working for, and now the very website I’m using to expose that plume is shut down in six hours by a company that is sitting directly on top of the plume?


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