Calling Peter John Ross On His Own Bullshit Response And Continued Public Abuse

After publishing my article, Ross filed numerous false DMCA complaints and even tried to threaten to sue my host, which he can’t do because of the Telecommunications Decency Act.  Then he posted a very disturbing photo of my with tape over eyes and my mouth.

Then he posted an image of him physically assaulting me, calling me a “gimp.”

Both post were immediately removed from Facebook for harassment.

In his rambling response, in which I’m not going to sit there an read the whole thing, he posed the following question; What exactly did I do help the people of Flint?

Aside from the three year series of events from article on my website, I’m still working in Flint to this day, now investigating a plume of Trichloroethelyne in the ground water in the downtown area, an issue I have spoken with numerous local officials about, including a political official in Flint who connected me to them in the first place.

The above article details how I fought for three years to cause reform at the Region 5 EPA, spending tens of thousands of dollars, even appearing on TV in Cleveland to talk about it, and tried to stop what would eventually become the Flint Water Crisis, as Peter used his web of fake Facebook accounts to attack me and wreck the cause.

Later, I took five of my most valuable guitars and sold them to pay for very large social media campaigns encouraging people to vote for the new city charter, using very large impression branding campaigns, resulting in a landslide vote to pass a new set of laws that govern city officials.  The following post was run on voting day and reached 50% of the adult voting population.

I also stepped up when the mayor was bullying the Flint recall advocate Arthur Woodson, when she accused him of being “funded by a white man,” trying to make Arthur look like an Uncle Tom.  I traveled to Flint, to make the following film.

Now that I’m in LA, I have been having ongoing business meetings, in Beverly HIlls, working to bring investment money into Flint to buy houses for struggling families.  I’m also still working on obtaining a second Inspector General’s Office investigation over Region 5 EPA.  My work in Flint has been very public, very extensive, and I literally sold many of my most valuable and prized possessions to make all of this happen.

Peter is right, this is where we get to the real meat of the problem, I am who I say I am and his latest article vs. my actual actions reveal that he’s nothing more than an abusive liar, kicking and screaming, because he knows he’s been caught but is too narcissistic and arrogant to back down, because it would crush his self image, causing a full psychological collapse of his one dimensional image of himself.

In the meantime, several members of Columbus City council have committed to obtaining a resolution to this matter and all internal departments in Columbus have been notified, have read my article, and are now witnessing Ross act out every single behavior I detailed, from the false DMCA complaints, abusive posts, lies, posting photos of a dismissed CSPO claiming it’s still active, psychotic photoshopped images which reveal how Ross fixates on me, and the ongoing 24 hour bullying campaign happening on WordPress.

In the meantime, I am in LA, getting ready to open my new film studio and I am exploring a negligence lawsuit against Franklin County, for failing to enforce the laws and for numerous civil rights violations that occurred during Peter’s attempt to file a false CSPO against me.

Five years ago, when Ross targeted me, I told him I would be his last victim, and that’s exactly what  I am.

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