Exposed: The ‘MB Victim Resources’ Felony Financial Fraud Scheme

There is an internet vigilante group that is attempting to commit a massive financial fraud scheme using my name and traffic.  What they have done is used a search engine optimization campaign to highjack my Google results, which leads unsuspecting victims to a web of clickbait, making allegations that I am a “fraud” and a “con man.”

The campaign is designed in the same way Nigerian scams work, in that it’s designed to repel people who have the common sense to detect fraud, but lure in people who are easily manipulated, who then become convinced that I am not who I say I am, resulting in massive internet mobbing attacks against me, whenever I do a major release, often referred to as a self perpetuating search engine optimization as retaliation campaign. 

Internet users come to my sites in droves.  They bully me, harass me, threaten me, troll me, thinking they are “getting the bad guy.”  They are contacted using a fake Facebook profile and instructed to bully me, screencap the results, and then forward those screen caps to the scammer, where they placed on the internet and used to brand me as a con man, when I am clearly not.

Then, they are led to a website called MB Victim Resources, where they are asking people to make a financial contribution.

The MB Victim Resources page is two things, it’s a landing page for the scam, but it’s also the engine for the search engine optimization campaign that is filling my Google results with lies to begin with.

They are also using a a fraudulently obtained bank account, via PayPal, which is active.

There is also a Patreon account, where users are told a story of how the person who is orchestrating all of this is my “victim,” they’re asking their marks to make a financial contribution, and offering incentives for helping them stalk and publicly harass me.

They have a GoFundMe account, attempting to raise $1000, making it a felony offense in all 50 states.

To round out the SEO campaign, they also have a Twitter account, a Soundcloud account, a Facebook account, and a YouTube account.

To add weight to the campaign they have 15 different WordPress sites running, filled with over 750,000 – really, three quarters of a million –  posts, all of which are bullying me, threatening me, and harassing me, confirming that I am the actual victim here, and not this online scammer who is attempting to exploit innocent people.

This group has been publicly attacking me for over six years.  They are using these blogs to circulate lies and rumors around communities where I have exposed corrupt government officials, cancer clusters, botched Superfund clean ups, ground water plumes, and other causes, having the net effect of causing the community I am trying to help  turn against me, eventually destroying my causes, so not only is there financial fraud, they are also decimating environmental campaigns, cancer education campaigns, consumer activism campaigns, and jeopardizing the health and safety of the US citizens I am trying to help.

This is a vile, aggressive, group of internet predators who have banded together to destroy everything I do, but now, since no one from the FBI, to the police, have done anything about it, these shameless charlatans have graduated to felony fraud, while arrogantly mocking me, knowing that they are the real predators and I am their prey.

Essentially, this group takes the role of their victim, they are clearly technologically advanced, and emboldened by the anonymity afforded by the internet, making it almost impossible to identify them.

I am imploring readers of this post to consider these facts, act accordingly, help me bring these scammers and online abusers to justice, in order to help me eradicate them from existence, once and for all, so I can get back to the business of saving lives.

Thank you,

Matthew Berdyck

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