I Am Living Proof That Diane Dimond Tried To Frame Michael Jackson

You may have heard of Diane Dimond.  She’s the journalist – I use that term loosely – that exposed the Michael Jackson child molestation scandal, and then used it to attempt to elevate her television career, while completely ignoring any reasonable semblance of journalistic standards.  The allegations against her were very clear:

Diane allegedly formed a plot, with prosecutor Tom Sneddon, to release the details of prior sealed Jackson settlement, in an attempt to help Sneddon taint the jury.  In exchange for doing this, she was offered Jackson’s first interview from prison.   Of course, Jacko was acquitted, Diane’s plan was thwarted, and she fell into utter obscurity, where she resides to this very day.

It sounded like a conspiracy theory, at first, until one day, she did the same thing to me.

A few years ago, Diane created a false media article about me, making allegations that I am a mass gun shooter, and then went on a mission to try to have me arrested for being a “mass murderer,” admitting she used her connections at the FBI, and other agencies, to enact this absurd series of events, but there was one small hitch in her plan, I haven’t mass murdered anyone, nor have I ever committed a violent crime in my entire life.

She also takes her false article, starts contacting local media outlets where I am fighting environmental causes, gives them her credentials, tells them I am a “fraud” and a “con man,” and then forwards them the copy of her false news piece, as evidence of her statements.  Dozens of local media outlets, all over the US, have fallen for her scams, leading to the utter destruction of everything from cancer cluster education campaigns, my efforts to reform the US Region 5 EPA, prior to the Flint Water Crisis, to trying to help a woman, who lost her baby, open an organization to help mothers who are victims of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

For the record, I am a liberal, I’m as reasonably sane as one can be in today’s world, successful, financially stable, I have never owned a gun in my entire life, and nor would I ever.  Her constant and ongoing allegations that I am a “potential mass gun shooter” are completely ridiculous, not to mention the fact that I detest mass gun shooters, after being at the James Holmes Massacre, where I was traumatized for life, and later diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, as result of what I experienced, in Aurora.  I’ve been at a mass gun shooting, and I wouldn’t wish that trauma on anyone.

A year later, one of her friends, a local YouTube video maker, named Peter John Ross, from Columbus, Ohio, used Diane’s article, and false claims, to attempt to file frivolous charges against me in Columbus, Ohio, working directly with Diane, to orchestrate this illegal court filing.  I was dragged through the court system, in a state I didn’t live in, for the next eight months, costing me over $40,000, until the courts slapped down the spurious claims, not once, but twice.

As occurred in the Jackson case, her reporting was used to attempt to taint the court proceedings against me, and to help obtain a false judgement.  After the case was dismissed, Diane and her friends openly and publicly mocked me for causing me to “waste all that money.”   Thankfully, I’ve done exceptionally well for myself, financially, or the case would have dragged me under and left me living in the street.

Yet, after the matter was dropped, no media outlet reported on the dismissal of the case, Creators Syndicate did not correct the article, leaving me still exposed to, and continually held responsible for her atrocious allegations, all over the country.

It’s very apparent, however,. that what she did to me was exactly what she had been accused of doing in the Jackson case.

But Wait There’s More!

It didn’t stop there.  Diane and her group of friends, including former LA County DA body guard, and FBI employee, Ernest Halcon, went on a mission to destroy me, filling my internet search result with lies, bullying me 24 hours a day, accusing me of being a fraud who was “illegally raising money.”  Yet, as she is aware, I don’t raise funds for my causes, and everything I do is 100% self funded.  She knows flat out that she lied, and it’s been proven, during a subsequent investigation, that she is completely full of it, as Creators.com has been aware of my complaint about the article, for the last three years.

Because of her allegations, a year after the case in Columbus was dropped, I received a message from someone at my bank telling me that I was being investigated for money laundering, a result of Diane’s self admitted witch-hunt.  The FBI has the power to trigger money laundering investigations, under federal banking regulations.  But, once the investigation was conducted, it was revealed that none of her allegations were true, once again, absolving me of guilt.

Diane Dimond Hates Black People

Two years later, when I stood up in Flint, Michigan, to help fight, during the Flint Water Crisis, of which I was the first activist in the country to blow the whistle on the Region 5 EPA’s handling of Flint, Diane and her group of friends began forwarding the dismissed court records from Columbus, all over the city, turning local white residents against me, causing me to receive death threats, even though I was trying to help the impoverish African Americans who were poisoned with lead, in an act of pure unadulterated racial targeting.

As I’ve fought environmental battles, she’s done this to me in cities, and towns, all over the country, while saying, “Who’s going to believe you?!” like the drunken abuser she is- Diane and I have mutual friends, and they say she can’t get out of bed without fiendishly sucking down a martini, leading me to surmise that her alcoholism causes her to not be able to see how she’s hurting people, either that or she’s just a sociopathic stalker, and racist.

Six months after the affair in Flint, when I triggered an EPA Inspector General’s Office investigation, into the Region 5 EPA, that oversees Flint, Diane and her friends began harassing federal investigators, sending them copies of her news article, and other false media pieces, working to disrupt a federal investigation, an investigation which was shut down, after her group’s obsessive and repeated contacts to The Inspector General’s Office.

The Pattern Of Ongoing Harassment Continues

It was only a few days ago, when I got the message from Ernest Halcon, Diane Dimond, and Peter John Ross, that she is now appearing on Investigation Discovery.  The contact came without provocation, basically mocking me because she is on TV, and I am not, something I literally do not care about.

And for years, this is how it’s gone. In her article she claims that I am “stalking her” and that I am “jealous of her success,” so whenever she gets on TV, I started getting messages from her, Peter, Ernest, and Royal Examiner writer Roger Bianchini, trying to rub it in my face, with no ackowledgement of the fact that I’m more successful than all of them combined.

If I’m so dangerous and I am stalking her, why does she keep writing to me?  Shouldn’t Diane be jailed for making false statements to federal agents?  They put Die Hard Director John McTiernan in prison, for an entire year, during the Pellicano affair, so why has Diane been able to avoid prosecution for the exact same offense?

However, if you step back and view what’s happening here, we have a woman who is making false allegations that I am a mass murderer, trying to frame me for a crime I have not committed, making knowingly false statements to federal and LA County DA’s office staff, who is bullying and attacking me literally 24 hours a day, with the help of her friends, who also claims I could “snap at any moment and start killing people.”  

This leads a person to wonder that if I’m really stalking her and I’m in danger of committing mass murder, why is she contacting me bragging about her success and attempting to bully me?

Considering that many of our mass shootings were triggered by cyber bullying incidents, like the shooter in Isla Vista, wouldn’t her actions be at risk of causing the very mass shooting she is trying to warn people about?

Did Diane’s Actions Lead To Jackson’s Death?

In my opinion, after being targeted by this woman for so many years, and having her work to destroy causes which affect six million Americans, making her no less than an anti-environmental Adolph Hitler, after watching her use a false media article, repeatedly, to interfere in my activism work, this woman is dangerous to this country, and needs to be stopped, because no victim has been spared in her efforts to demolish my life and career.

Diane Dimond is the archetype of a false news artist. Her actions towards me prove, unequivocally, that she framed Michael Jackson, for no other reason than she wanted to be the next Diane Sawyer, and that if you take her words seriously, that both her and her friends are actively working to try to cause a mass shooting, by aggressively targeting someone she says is a “ticking time bomb.”

A few years ago, famed investigative journalist Aphrodite Jones also came forward and shredded Diane, for her complete and utter lack of journalistic integrity, demonstrating that even within investigative journalism circles, she’s regarded as nothing more than a laughing stock, and the queen of false news, who orchestrated a plot to frame Michael Jackson.

One blogger has repeatedly accused her of being responsible for a series of events that eventually killed Michael Jackson.  It’s not hard to surmise that after everything she did to Michael, that he resorted to using drugs, in order to cope.

After living through this psychotic nightmare, for so many years, I wholly agree that Diane Dimond is at least partially responsible for the King of Pop’s death.

(Editors note: Prior to releasing this article both Bell Media, parent company of Investigation Discovery, and Creators.com, publisher of her false news article about me, were contacted for a statement.  When presented with evidence of Diane’s fraudulent reporting, they did not respond.)


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