Public Statement About Psycho Dream Theater Troll MrDreamTheater2

After being forwarded a bunch of blogs written by MrDreamTheater2, I’ve decided to make one response to his repeated, aggressive, and very scary harassment of members of Dream Theater, and myself, with everything I know about this loser who is living in his Mom’s basement, as James LaBrie has so gracefully put it.

First off, why he has decided to start writing about me now, as I have had literally no interaction with this person in well over seven years, I have no idea.  Based on his obsessive and very disturbing writings about me, it’s pretty clear he’s angry, so I’ll go right back to the beginning and explain how I met him.

I Can Remember When…

Way back in the day, people were making Hitler reacts to this or that videos.  MrDreamTheater2 had made one, and even though most of the entertaining content on his channel was stolen from Adam02, it was pretty funny.  There was another one where John Petrucci went into Hyper Speed Mode, and something may have exploded, because it was so damn long ago, I’m having a hard time remembering.

Wanting to get in on the fun, after just pitching my first TV show to Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim, in 2011, I took the hyper speed mode video, and a Hitler video, some footage from Terminator 2, and made a tribute video to MrDreamTheater2.  I repeat, a tribute video, and I even called it that when I uploaded it.

Basically, Hitler and his boys were listening to Adrenaline Mob, while Petrucci was going to into Hyperspeed Mode, Hitler is informed of Petrucci’s impending shred attack, gets pissed, and just before the entire world explodes Hilter exclaims, “I wasted the last ten seconds of my life listing to Adrenline Mob?!”

It was up for a couple of days, people loved it, and it was put together way better than anything that loser could make, because I was fucking making actual TV shows for a living, none of which aired, but none the less, I was getting active solicitations from Adult Swim, for my work, so I was legit, and trying to make a “Hollywood” version, of his video.

Then it started.  The guy just went fucking nuts on me, and I was inundated with harassment from a web of accounts; MikePorntoy, MikeSelfimportnoy, etc.  accusing me of stealing MrDreamTheater2’s idea of making a Hitler gets angry video, which at the time, there were about 850,000 of them posted, on every subject one can think of, from thousands and thousands of YouTubers, so yeah, dickhead, I took Adam02’s video, one you stole to begin with, and added Hitler footage to it, and somehow, I stole your fucking video.  Rrrright.

Enter Charlie Dominici 

At the same time, since I have been a DT fan since Charlie was in the band, I’d offered to make a video for Mr. Jihadinici, for his song Liquid Lightning.  These nine Mike Portnoy accounts started harassing that video, as well.  Contrary to what has been said, Charlie didn’t delete the video, I asked him to take it down, after he scammed me on his O:3 screenplay, and got tired of his idiotic ramblings about how Dream Theater and Thomas Waber ripped him off.

You see, Charlie had big dreams, more than just being a loser living in San Diego who only owns a motorcycle as his primary form of transportation.  He wanted to turn O:3 into a movie.  So, I helped him with that.  I helped him write a synopsis, get it registered with the WGA, among other things, until one day he just starts laughing at me about how he got me to do a bunch of work for free, didn’t need me, and then posted nasty comments on the video I made for him.

Then, I talk to Thomas Waber, the President of InsideOut – mind you this was way before he was with Sony.  At the time he was just a European content aggregator – worried, because Charlie had turned on me, was defaming me, and had basically scammed me for free work.  Thomas wrote back, “Don’t worry about Charlie, no one listens to Charlie.”

It was then that Charlie took my video down, at my request.

But What About Those Nine Mike Portnoy Accounts?

This is where the story starts getting crazy, the part that MrDreamTheater2 will not tell you, because it’s his deep dark secret, that only a few people know about, and revealing it threatens to expose the inner workings of who and what he really was and is, a fucking fraud.

Do you remember when you would comment on a Dream Theater video and then get trolled by a fake Mike Portnoy account? I know I do. It was so absurd that at one point I became convinced it was Mike Portnoy, himself, just trying to drum up YouTube views, and confronted Mike about this, to which he responded, “I have users on the internet who impersonate me, that must be it. I’m sure of it!”  

Turned out, I wasn’t too far off from the truth.  Those accounts were used to exploit an old YouTube hack that has since been fixed.  Basically, people figured out that using troll accounts they could drastically increase the number of YouTube views they were getting, by starting arguments in the comments section.  This would cause people to reload the video, adding a metric shit ton of views.  Someone in Dream Theater land figured this out, and a plot was formed by multiple people, to harass the shit out of Dream Theater fans, abusing them, in order to cause people to reload and artificially inflate the view counts.

Two years after MrDreamTheater2 went all nutzy cakes on me, I started working with an engineer from Google, named Alex, who explained to me that YouTube had redesigned the site to get rid of this exploit, because it was ripping off advertisers.  When this happened, MrDreamTheater2’s channel died.

It turned out that his fame was false, it was manufactured by a software exploit, and that he was never as popular as he claimed to be, but it did, in fact, create the impression of popularity, using social proof – where one sees millions of views, assumes a video is popular, and watches it because everyone else is – and eventually drastically increased Dream Theater’s popularity on youTube.

In the only comment I will make in MrDreamTheater2’s defense, he did actually do a lot for Dream Theater’s career, and the resurgence in popularity later led to a much larger record deal for DT, but since the numbers were artificial, the next album didn’t perform like it was supposed to, that and the fact that – in my opinion – it just wasn’t that good of an album compared to A Dramatic Turn of Events.

However, let me clear.  Dream Theater are rock stars.  Rock stars don’t thank people.  They don’t appreciate anything anyone does for them.  And DT is no different than any other group of rock stars, in my experience.  MrDreamTheater2 might have a modestly valid grievance that DT should be more appreciative, but please let me assure you, those guys give zero fucks, whatsoever.  Trust me on that.  If they did, I’d suddenly be worried that one of them was experiencing senility.

MrDreamTheater2 is taking it personally, but anyone who has worked in the entertainment industry, as long as I have, knows it’s a dog eat dog world, you take what you can get, you step on anyone you can to get further in your career, and anyone who complains about it is a bitch who won’t have success until they learn that lesson.  Don’t like it, go fuck off.  Eat a dick. That’s life.  Suck it up buttercup.  Welcome to Hollywood.  Now be a good boy and go get me a water, I’m thirsty.

A Dramatic Turn of Events

For years, and years, and years, MrDreamTheater2 continued to harass me, non-stop, for “stealing” his Hitler video.  It never ended.  Every video I uploaded, and every video to this day, has nine dislikes on it, from this guy fixating on me, fuming that I did something to him, as he lies, and lies, and lies, and lies, accusing me of every God dam thing in the book, none of which is true.

But one day, in a bizarre twist of fate, I end up meeting Jordan, he asks me to make a video for him, I show up on tour, resulting in Philadelphia Experiment Ra Live.  It’s a three way jam; Jordan on keys, Rod on drums, and me on lead video editing.  Jordan dubbed me a “magician” for this video.  In my opinion, it looks like my video editing software garishly threw up all over the film, but to each his own, I suppose.

After I made the video, I’m talking to Rai, and we’re chatting about MrDreamTheater2.  Rai says, “That guy is practically a legend.”  I asked him who it was. He said, “We don’t know.  We think it might be someone from the record company, but some people think it’s Bert.”  I have no idea who that latter person is.  He pointed out that some of the footage that was used, appeared to be stolen from the DT vault, and had never been publicly released.

Then, he forwards me a link to 6 O’Clock on a Christmas Morning, a Christmas gift to DT fans in 2013, a few days before its release, and says, “I’m the keeper of the vault.”  At some point, I reveal that I’m on a mission to expose the identity of MrDreamTheater2, because he had been harassing me for years, making blogs about me, inciting harassment against me, lying about me, turning my fans against me, all to pay me back for making a fucking tribute video.

Then, out of nowhere Rai exclaims, “You’re Matthew Berdyck!!!!” Suddenly, he knew who I was, which made no sense.  Never met the guy in my life.  He then sent a message to Jordan with link to a fake blog created by a fake woman named Marjorie Bard, trying to scam Jordan.  Of course, I realize in this moment that Rai is probably one of the people behind the MrDreamTheater2 account, and one of the people behind the nine Mike Portnoy accounts used to harass and trigger DT fans.  So I call Jordan out on this, demand that he do something about all of this, and Jordan says, flatly, “I don’t care.”  

Jordan later said, “Whatever problem you have with certain Dream Theater employees, it’s not my problem,” because much like every other rock star, he just doesn’t give a fuck, at all, which is fine. In hindsight, I just should have dropped it, but at the time I was so mad to learn that members of DT’s staff may have been behind the accounts harassing fans, that I felt like I had no choice but to say something, especially since they just got nominated for a fucking Grammy for a song about PTSD.

In defense of Jordan’s response; today, I don’t even give a fuck, and I was one of the people that was targeted!

For those of you that aren’t aware, the word “trigger” is not just a term that people throw around politically, it’s medical term for people that have PTSD, a disease that I have.  The purpose of those nine Mike Portnoy accounts was to abuse people, trigger them, get them to respond, thus causing them to reload the video, creating viral movement, so the fact that DT was now getting a damn Grammy Nomination for a song about PTSD and being triggered, was… well… It was astonishing!

Ravenskill What The Fuck Ever I Don’t Care

Then, a few weeks ago, all of the sudden, here pops up this guy out of nowhere.  I literally forgot most of this happened.  Since that day he started attacking me, I have had a lot of success, I’ve made a few million dollars, I founded an environmental research firm called, and as you can see on this page, I have been out here busting my ass fighting good causes all over the country, so whatever happened, happened, and I was completely content to not speak of any of it, because frankly, to quote Charlie Dominici, “Success is the best revenge,” and flat out, I can say that I have most certainly made more than individual members of DT have this year, so fuck ’em if they can’t take a joke.

This guy, whoever he is, has completely lost his mind, to the point that he’s fixated on me, and Dream Theater, in a way that he seems like he’s about to snap and start killing people like me, one of my children, or a member of Dream Theater, themselves.  He’s obsessed, angry, and falling apart at the seams.  He’s doing something which is just deranged, he’s demanding that Dream Theater fire James and Jordan, that they bring back Portnoy, and a host of other things that are never going to happen, while acting out a seething foam of inner rage, targeted myself, Jordan, James, and Petrucci, which is just about the dumbest fucking thing I have ever witnessed in my entire life.

He’s falsely accusing me of “beating up my pregnant girlfriend,” attacking me on Twitter 24 hours a day, using like a dozen accounts, harassing every celebrity I know, trying to sever me from my support network, filling the internet – with the help of a few other people – with false blogs about me, including targeting members of DT, in his angry tweets.  He’s got posts up accusing me of having sex with young boys.  It goes on and on.

In the process, he’s defaming the shit out of me, damaging my reputation, and causing damage to environmental causes all over the country, fucking with the people’s lives I am trying to help, but also dragging my children into his abuse, especially my young daughter.  No human being has been spared in this man’s mission to demolish my life, and I’m like:

Dude… in the immortal words of James LaBrie, “Get a life…”

Update: after I published this MrDreamTheater2 created a fake Twitter account which is impersonating my abusive father who passed away 18 months ago, using a photo from when he was arrested for domestic violence, bullying me, harassing me, and targeting everyone around me.  

Matthew Berdyck

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