Response To EDA Director Jennifer McDonald and Roger Bianchini’s Allegations

In response to Roger Bianchini and EDA director Jennifer McDonald’s indirect claims that I am allegedly the person who “orchestrated break-ins to the EDA and EDA director Jennifer McDonald’s home, going back to December of 2016,” I’m absolutely appalled by the statements being made about me, which are libelous and flatly a violation of Virginia defamation laws, but their knowingly false claims should also raise serious concerns about the honestly and integrity of Jennifer McDonald, and Royal Examiner.

For those that may not remember, I was approached by former Front Royal councilwoman Egger, who brought me evidence that the now defunct forty-million dollar Avtex redevelopment was a fraud, in late January of 2017.  She implored me to help her expose Jennifer McDonald’s corruption.  After conducting my own investigation, I learned that Egger was telling the truth, that the deal, in fact, was not real.

Two years later, history has proven that we were both right, as numerous local Front Royal citizens recently contacted me to inform me that the permit to build at Avtex has expired.  The 600 jobs never materialized, along with the IT Federal deal, itself.

What many of you may not be aware of is what happened to me after I exposed the deal.

Violent Thug Tactic Used By McDonald And Friends 

As soon as my article was published, I began getting death threats from Jennifer McDonald’s friends, to the point that I was forced to flee my home.  After I was forced out of town, people connected to Jennifer McDonald trespassed on my property, threw trash all over my yard, my vehicle was damaged, as photos of these incidents were posted on anonymous blogs, used to continue to threaten me and warn me to get out of the area.  Gordon Foster of the Warren County Sheriff’s Office can confirm my statements.

As this was happening to me, the entire city council, local media, and police, were made aware of the death threats and break-ins, but allowed it to happen.  This fact is undeniable.

Eventually, I lost my home, forced to move in the middle of the night, after Joe Andrews, a friend of McDonald’s threatened to kill me and throw my body in a wood chipper, as his girlfriend spread lies about me, all over town, even going as far as to create a fake Facebook account, impersonating me and threatening people.  Recently, a Front Royal resident told me that Andrews stood to make a sizable amount of money from the Avtex deal, via an excavation contract, and that he attacked me to protect his own finances.

Not only did they photograph their crimes against me, and post them to menace me, they published my address encouraging people to break-in and rob me. In the process they also took photos of General Norman Smith’s house, and levied threats of violence at everyone who lived on my road, in Linden, to the point that the Warren County Sheriff’s Department was forced to maintain active patrols in my neighborhood.

In fact, every allegation that McDonald has made, about the break-ins, are exactly what was done to me, costing me $25,000 in the process, as I scrambled to find a new place to live.

Roger Bianchini Is The Enemy Of Front Royal And A Bold Faced Liar

For Bianchini’s part in all of this, he claims I levied personal attacks against Jennifer McDonald, and Curt Tran, but this is also completely false.  My articles were only written, at the direct request of a councilman, in the context of McDonald as a political figure and no commentary was made about her personal life.  I truly believe that because I exposed that the IT Federal deal was a fraud, that McDonald is manufacturing false allegations, in an effort to continue to retaliate against me for telling the truth about her corruption.

Bianchini claims that I am a “self proclaimed activist” but one quick scan of this page reveals that I have been working as an activist for almost a decade.   In the years since the IT Federal exposure, I have received numerous harassing e-mails from Bianchini, his false news articles were spread around Flint Michigan, trying to cause damage to the health and safety of an entirely unrelated city, just to protect the political interests of Bianchini and McDonald.  To this day, Roger continues to publicly attack me, bully me, and publish blatant lies, and for posting this response, he will attack me again, with false media and lies to the people of Front Royal.

Put Up Or Shut Up

Thankfully for me, I keep extensive records of my travels, along with having a business partner who works for Facebook, who can confirm my whereabouts.  As a result, I am publicly challenging the local authorities to present my attorney with a list of dates of the alleged break-ins and I will gladly present evidence that I was not in the area during these alleged incidents, and prove flat out that McDonald and Bianchini are both liars.

The bottom line is that in 2017, a councilman approached me, asked me to expose the deal, and I did.  After the violence that was brought to my home, I left town, and never looked back.  I lost my home for doing what I thought was right.  After I was violently chased from my home, the Warren County Sheriff’s refused to investigate the break-ins, which were actually a federally regulated felony hate crime, since I am disabled, and were directly orchestrated by friends of Jennifer McDonald.

I am demanding that the local police investigate Bianchini’s claims, that the local media publish the results of that investigation, exonerate me of these completely ridiculous allegations being made by the woman who brought you the fraudulent IT Federal Deal.

McDonald also should be investigated for Egger’s father’s claims, that she orchestrated the break-ins herself, and “staged the crimes,” in order to try to frame me for having the guts to stand up to her blatant exploitation of the good people of Front Royal, and that immediate proceedings should begin to remove McDonald from her position, while the investigation is being conducted.

Thank you.

2 thoughts on “Response To EDA Director Jennifer McDonald and Roger Bianchini’s Allegations”

  1. I don’t get it. How did the police allow it to happen AND had constant police patrols in the neighborhood?

    1. I lived on Blue Mountain, where there were very, very limited police services, as there is no formal police department for Linden.

      After the death threats started, I left my home, and went to a safe location, 1,500 miles away. While I was away from my home, while I had $50,000 worth of film and audio equipment in my house, Joe Andrew’s girlfriend posted my address in a group on Facebook, encouraging people to break into my home and rob me.

      When this happened, the police began actively patrolling the area, but could not keep an officer there 24 hours a day.

      Then, someone actually showed up at my house, took photos of themselves trespassing, threw trash all over my yard, damaged my BMW, and since has publicly claimed to have started and stolen my car, admitting this while hiding behind an anonymous blog.

      When this happened, the Warren County Sheriff’s office could have contacted WordPress and obtained the identity of the culprit, but they didn’t. They made no effort whatsoever to seek out the identity of the person who broke into my home, but one neighbor said it was Joe Andrew’s son, who has previously accused of attempted murder, and a hate crime, for showing up at someone’s house, exactly as happened to me.

      So they made an effort to patrol, or claimed that they did, but in spite of this after the crime occurred, they failed to investigate.

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