I Am Being Stalked And Harassed 365 Days A Year, 7 Days A Week, 24 Hours A Day

I am the victim of an aggressive internet vigilante group that called themselves MBVR.  They are waging all-out cyber warfare on me, to the point that I am literally under attack all day, every day.  What follows is only a very small percentage of the content they have posted about me.

Here’s a post that MBVR has posted on Facebook, pumping out rumors that I have STD’s and that I am spreading AIDS in communities.

Facebook Attacks

My Facebook Fan Pages are enduring an aggressive attack, using an exploit of Facebook’s Fan Page system.

The user is creating fake Facebook Fan Pages, coming to my sites for SuperfundResearch.org, Daily Independent Journal, and my personal Fan Page, and bombing the pages with harassing commentary.

Once I ban them, they are creating a new page and coming right back.  This is happening 24 hours a day.  What I’ve shared below is only a small sample of the 50+ pages they have created over the last 6 weeks.



The effects of this attack is that it not only fills my private Facebook profile with hundreds of notifications, causing my browser to “ding” one a minute, all day long, but’s it’s also tripping the notification alarm on my phone, like having someone constantly pick at you, over and over again.

Due to the nature of the attack, I cannot ban the user who is doing this, which allows them to bully me 24 hours a day, while no one knows this is happening but me.  This attack has caused me great emotional distress and I have received no support from Facebook in trying to stop this from happening.

WordPress Attacks

But it’s not just Facebook where this is happening. My blogs, and websites are also being pounded with the same exact type of commentary, including people forwarding private information to me, like the VIN numbers for my cars.

I’d only owned my new BMW for 3 days before the VIN numbers were sent to me.

The attack also includes creating WordPress blogs that feature thousands and thousands of posts.  Unlike Facebook, WordPress has been proactive in deleting their blogs for violations of the Terms of Use, for everything from threatening to slit my throat to posting my social security number.

So far, 36 of these blogs have been taken down, with each blog featuring well over five-thousand to ten-thousand posts each, to the point that Alex – my business partner – and I created software to catalog the posts, resulting in a file with tens of thousands of copies of abusive posts.


Image and Video Harassment

One of the people behind this has spent years of their life creating Photoshops, memes, videos, all used to bully me.  A large percentage of the images created feature Columbus filmmaker Peter John Ross, or one of the people who is believed to be behind all of this.

They call the sum total of all of the harassment their “gimping machine.”

There are entire Facebook pages filled with stolen videos which reflect that they have been doing this to me since 2012.  Other videoes are edited.  They have taken videos I have made and edited the word so I am saying different things than I’d said in the original video.  YouTube has taken a lot of this content down for abusive behavior, but they are now using Vimeo and Facebook video, instead.


Twitter Attacks

The group is also using a web of Twitter accounts, filled with abuse, but that also feature photos of them trespassing on my various properties, stalking me, admitting that at one point that they stole one of my cars and drove it.

They have roughly 22 Twitter accounts that are being used to share this content, including accounts impersonating my dead abusive father.

Website And E-mail Hacks

They’ve hacked my websites and e-mails numerous times.  Only last week Daily Independent Journal was hacked and malicious PHP files were placed in the Drupal installation.  A few months ago they hacked my travel website and left the following:

Who Is Behind MBVR?

They bill themselves as a private community for “victims” of Matthew Berdyck who only document and don’t harass back.  Clicking on the followers for the account reveals some interesting names behind all of this.

Diane Dimond – the journalist who exposed the Michael Jackson molestation scandal, who has also published no less than four completely false articles about me, on Creators.com, who is even selling her bogus story in the form of an E-Book.

In her book, she claims I have been charged with numerous crimes I have not been charged with, like public drunkenness, violent domestic abuse, and aggravated assaults.  She also claims I followed a woman around LA and “spit on her date” when the record reflects that I was on tour with a rockstar on the complete opposite side of the country, in Washington DC.

Bob Bowcock – Erin Brockovich’s water guy, who sent me the following e-mails when he learned I am a member of the LGBT community.  I’d contacted him to ask him for his process service address.

Since I am the only other activist who has traveled the country, I have uncovered a massive volume of negative information about Erin and Bob scamming communities, lying to and manipulating innocent people, and filing frivolous lawsuits.  What I know about those two is enough to take them down so they joined this group to keep me from reporting on what I have learned.

Jayne Hitchcock – Alleged anti-cyberbullying activist, who can be found clicking like and endorsing the web of Facebook Fan Pages that are being used to attack my Facebook profile.  Jayne Hitchcock is one of the most vicious and dangerous cyber predators on the planet, who uses her organization, Halt Abuse, as a front for these types of psychotic internet mobbing campaigns.


Peter John Ross – a filmmaker in Columbus, Ohio who found me on the internet six years ago and started all of this.  He has been the most aggressive, filing false court cases against me, false police reports, sending e-mails to police agencies all over the country trying to get me arrested for being an activist.

He claims I am “stalking him.”  He creates court records and uses them to circulate around communities where I am fighting activism battles.  The Civil Stalking Protection Order was dismissed twice.  Even after it was dismissed he still forwards the initial courts records all over the world, using them to discredit me.

Over the last six years, I have collected over four terabytes of evidence which carefully documents everything this group has done to me, amounting to nothing less than the entire destruction of my life and career.

It Continues Into 2019

Just as the New Year passed, I was forwarded the following message, reminding me that this year, they have more plans to stalk and harass me, 365 days a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.


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