Living In A World Of Excessive Online Harassment And Abuse

As a result of my activism work, I am the victim of a massive, targeted smear campaign, orchestrated by a vigilante group that calls themselves MBVR.  Their mission is to destroy everything I do, including my efforts to educate the public about cancer clusters, groundwater plumes, and corruption surrounding the redevelopment of Superfund sites.

These people are relentless, vile, and have no regard for the sanctity of human life.  MBVR has lured in a small army of trolls and online harassers, people who they’ve manipulated and indoctrinated into their scams.  I say scams because there is no other way to explain what they are doing other than using the word lying.

The above is a 56 page PDF file that is being forwarded to city leadership all over the country, being used to smear my name and undermine my ability to conduct activism.  Rather than go page by page and address any one of the hundreds of lies printed in this PDF file, I’m going to select one page and demonstrate what this group is up to.

MBVR makes claims that I am harassing entire cities.  What they actually mean is that I have run causes in cities, standing up against corruption of every form.  The following page of their document lists out these alleged cities.

First of all, I am not funded by Alex Hwang.  Alex funded my initial work but we severed all financial ties over a year ago.  This lies is uses to undermine the fact that I have made a lot of money over the last few years, earning that prove stability.  They also accuse me of having a “history of violence.”   I have no history of violence.

Des Moines, Iowa – I ran a cause to try to get a man arrested who assaulted a woman in a bar.  During the release, friends of the bar owner made false statements, trying to protect him.  This bar owner is known as a nuisance to the city and hundreds of people came forward with complaints about him during the release.

Ridgecrest, California – I ran a cause to expose a slum lord who was selling bed bug filled trailers to elderly and disabled people.  The Ridgecrest Police actually helped me with this cause and referred me to an investigating agency who later cited the slum lord for selling unlicensed mobile homes.

Flint, Michigan – I fought to assist a local activist who was enduring political attacks from the Mayor, as he was trying to recall her.  I also worked with city officials and political officials to investigate a plume of poison ground water.  On top of this, my 2013 Film Poison in the Grapes exposed the corruption at the Region 5 EPA that later led to the Flint Water Crisis.

Asheville, NC – I’ve never run an active cause in Asheville. My unreleased film Death Water featured interviews with a community where the EPA evacuated the residents, due to TCE being present in the groundwater


Front Royal, Warren County – ran cause to expose corruption surrounding the redevelopment of the Avtex Superfund site.

Barstow, California – After taking citizen complaints about poison water, conducted an investigation and attempted to get the water cleaned up, so the citizens could stop getting rashes and blisters when they showers and bathed.

Wilsonville, Oregon – I have never run a cause in Wilsonville, but it was the registration location for

Mountain View, California – I have never run a cause in Mountain View, specifically, but has run active campaigns in Silicon Valley educating the public about the 23 Superfund sites in the area.

Los Angeles, California – ran campaigns to educate the residents of San Fernando Valley about the plumes of TCE in the groundwater and subsurface vapor intrusion.

Akron, Ohio – My home town, the subject of my 2013 short documentary about a Superfund site that also exposed the corruption at the Region 5 EPA that later caused the Flint Water Crisis.

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