Responding To My First Cousin Kelly Jubara

One of the most hurtful and traitorous things I have had to endure is my former best friend and cousin, Kelly Michael Jubara turning on me and spreading lies all over the internet.

Here, he speaks with alleged journalist, Diane Dimond, about his perception of my relationship with my family, claiming that I took advantage of their good will.  I think some much-needed clarification is in order because Kelly has been less than honest.

First of all, I’ve never really had a relationship with anyone in my family, other than Kelly, his brother Shaun, and our cousin Michael.  Sure, I saw our family at holiday events, but other than that, there was no relationship.

Since Diane claims to be an investigative journalist, who appears to be blaming the family I never really knew in the first place, a family that regarded me as a black sheep, you’d think she’d do some fact checking, but she hasn’t, which goes directly to the quality of her journalism.

I have struggled with a lot of problems, especially throughout my 20’s, dealing with poverty and disability.

Opposed to what Kelly has said, I never borrowed money from my family, I never stole from them, I never slept at their houses, and other than eating dinner with my cousin Shaun and smoking weed with my cousin Michael, there was no generosity or goodwill from my family.

Interestingly, what Kelly leaves out is that I repaid the one family member that helped me the most, who fed me hundreds of times when I was too poor to eat, Shaun.

A few years ago, to repay Shaun, again the only member of the family who ever really did anything for me, I took him on a $5000 road trip along the coast of California.  I flew him to Cali, we traveled for a week and I fully repaid him for every meal he ever gave me.

I remember being very close to Kelly, so the fact that one of my closest and best friends in life, who was more my brother than my cousin, would do something like this shows exactly who he is as a person and explains why I left Ohio in the first place.

It also says a lot about my family in general.

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